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Ashley provides piano service for a number of different venues including embassies, museums, churches, schools, music stores and homes.

As a child, Ashley was immersed in music. Each of her seven immediate family members played an instrument. Her mother majored in piano, producing two records as a young adult, and her father served on the Board of Directors of the Houston Grand Opera. Ashley studied flute, voice, bells and some piano. If you ask her if she plays the piano, she will tell you no. The truth is that she reads music but when it comes to her hands, they operate the flute much better than the piano. She was involved in several musical groups for a number of years including band and choir.

After graduating from Southwestern University with a Bachelors degree in Psychology, she entered into a very satisfying fifteen year career working in mental health; primarily with adults who had serious and persistent mental illness as well as with people who were homeless. She managed a number of group homes and supervised many mental health counselors over the years. At the persistent suggestion of her brother who is also a piano technician, Ashley changed careers. He knew it would be the perfect match for her and he was correct.

Being one who thrives on hard work, Ashley then immersed herself into piano technology. Her initial training came from her brother Craig Turner, RPT and subsequent training from various other highly regarded piano technicians, some nationally known and respected for their talents. She has found this return to music immensly satisfying and being able to use her hands in the process additionally gratifying.

Ashley is very involved with the Piano Technicians Guild, regularly attending technical trainings, seminars, conferences, and various other educational opportunities. She enthusiastically participates in volunteer opportunities with the Piano Technicians Guild which benefits the piano community at large. Piano owners can find many valuable resources on the PTG website at or you can also visit the Washington DC Chapter's website at

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