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PRICE: $20,000 (Valued at over $30,000)

Yamaha C2 #6207841 ca 2007

5' 8" Conservatory Classic Collection Grand Piano, polished ebony. MSRP today is $43,399.

Designed for performance, recording, and music school use. This piano is like new and has been well-maintained for 10 years, with a thorough tuning every 6 months. IvoriteĀ® and wood composite keyboard. Though compact in size, the extended length of the C2 affords it a deep, beautiful tone.

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The pianos listed here for sale belong to owners who happen to be clients of Piano Expectations. These pianos are not being sold by Piano Expectations. These pianos are being sold by the owners and are posted here as a courtesy.


Baldwin M ca 1981

Refurbished in 2017 by Ashley Turner, RPT

Excellent condition

New bass strings




Located in Northern VA

Contact Ashley Turner for more information