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Pitch Raise - ‘Plan Ahead’

If we have discussed the length of time that your piano has gone prior to its last tuning, then we can plan ahead if we think a pitch raise might be necessary. Or you may say that you don’t know, or that the last owner said ‘x’ amount of time ... It doesn’t mean that you will automatically be charged a pitch raise if you are frank with me. It only means that I can make room in the schedule in case you do need one, which is determined by my electronic tuning device, not by what you said (because sometimes pianos don't need a pitch raise even when it has been awhile.)

  • $50 for 8% to 50% flat OR
  • $90 for 51 to 100% flat OR
  • $120 for 101% to 150% flat OR
  • two tunings for 151% or more

Pitch Raise - ‘Surprise!’If you were mistaken about when the last tuning occurred and I haven't made the proper adjustments in my schedule to accommodate a pitch raise and tuning in the same visit, then the pitch raise and tuning might require two separate visits.

rates vary

Cleaning; 1/2 hour $50 when combined with another piano service

Cleaning; 1 hour $100 when combined with another piano service

I primarily focus on the inside of the piano, parts that you can't easily reach, unless you would prefer that I spend more time on the exterior. Dust and debris inside a piano can cause it to become sluggish and lose responsiveness. Cleaning the action, vacuuming under the keys, and polishing keypins all can improve its performance abilities.

Half Day of Service (4 hours) $450

Full Day of Service (8 hours) $800

If you would like more for your piano than just a tuning, but you don’t know specifically what it might require, then requesting a block of time allows the technician to determine what is the order of priority. Or if you have a list of what you would prefer (such as pitch raise, tuning, cleaning, voicing, touch up regulation), then we can discuss what might be able to be accomplished in the time allotted. A half day or full day is not usually enough time to cover everything that could be done for your piano but it is often enough time to make a big difference. A half day or a full day gives you the biggest bang for your buck and gives your piano the opportunity to receive attention in the regulation/voicing/cleaning department, if that is what is deteremined to be the priority.

Hammer Reshaping $80 and up

Voicing $80 and up

Hammer reshaping and voicing usually go together but on occasion can be requested one or the other. (If just one, then hammer reshaping should be first.) If you would prefer both and a tuning, then you would be better off requesting a half day of service and letting me know what you have in mind. It is less expensive this way and I might be able to add some cleaning if time allows.

testimonial: "Ashley, I've been meaning to thank you for voicing our piano. I immediately noticed a difference when one of our kids starting playing. The sound is beautiful and the best that it has ever been! Thank you so much for all your hard work!   ~Dawn H. - Bristow, VA


$400 - $800 vertical; $1200 - $1800 grand

Regulation rates vary depending on how out of regulation your piano is - how long it has been since your last regulation, how much your piano is played, and your standards for performance. (You might want your piano to play at its very best or you might just want it to be better than it is.) The rates above are for a complete regulation (not including replacement of parts, repairs, etc.) If you would like to gradually improve your piano over time and delay the expense of a complete regulation, we can start with a half day or full day of service. As a result, I can start with what is most important in my opinion or what you have specified is most important to you.

Climate Control System and Installation

$500 vertical; $600 grand

A Climate Control System, also known as the Piano Life Saver System, helps maintain the humidity of your piano around 42%. Maintaining a consistent level of humidity for your piano helps reduce the significant fluctuations in pitch by stabilizing the crown of the soundboard which can increase and decrease with the changes in weather. In addition, reducing the significant fluctuations in relative humidity can help reduce the aging process of the wood parts of the piano. For more information, visit Our installations include the smart heater bar and an undercover for a grand when warrented.

Evaluation (Condition of the piano)

$200 - $400*

Evaluations are helpful for buying a piano, selling a piano, donating a piano, giving it as a gift, deciding whether to move it, or even letting it go into permanent and non-reversible retirement.

* If you request an evaluation with a tuning, the rate for the evaluation will be significantly discounted and possibly, depending on circumstances, be included with the cost of the tuning rather than an additional fee.

We no longer provide appraisals. If you would like to estimate a broad guess as to what a specific used piano might be 'worth', have a piano technician evaluate its condition, then go here

to use either the depreciation schedule or the chart to estimate it's value. What a piano will sell for varies, depending on condition, location, prior care and maintenance, supply and demand, etc.

703-657-9404 or CONTACT US

Piano Tuning

new client rate $205 or $195 if scheduled on a discount day for your area

Concert Tuning and Prep

please contact us for a specific quote depending on your needs